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Our Business and Society

"There's something special about each one of Pearson's businesses. Our customers put their trust in us when they teach from our school or college programs, act on our test results, rely on information, analysis and the intellectual stimulation of our newspapers and books. We know that helping a five-year-old learn to read or helping a business person understand a global context has to be as enriching for those customers as it is for us and for our shareholders, because our strong financial performance will only come if it is the by-product of helping those customers get on in their lives.

For all 29,000 people who work at Pearson, that combination of shareholder, customer and social interests makes it a special privilege and a special responsibility to come to work every day. It gives us the steam to go the second and third mile."

Signature of Marjorie Scardino

Marjorie Scardino, Chief executive

Annual Report 2006: Chief Executive's Review


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